Bell County High School will conduct a Special called SBDM meeting Monday July 17 @ 11:00am

Bell County High School

Principal: Richard Gambrel

Assistant Principal: Lisa Redmon

Assistant Principal: Christie Willis

9824 US Hwy. 25-E

Pineville, KY  40977

Phone: 606-337-7061

Fax: 606-337-0867

2016-2017 School year, Bell County High School classes begin at 7:50AM.


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Bell County High School SBDM Council

2016 - 2017 Schedule of Council Meetings

The regularly scheduled meetings of the Bell County High SchoolSBDM Council for 2016 - 2017 are as follows:  The second Monday of each month at our school Office  located in Pineville,

Kentucky at 5:00 p.m.

2016 Dates

August 8   September 12   October 10   November 14

December 12

2017 Dates

January 9   February 13 March 13 April 10

May 8 June 12