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About Our District:
The Bell County School District serves approximately 3,032 preschool through twelfth grade students. These students are served by 6 Preschool through 8th grade school centers, 1 high school (9th - 12th graders) , and 1 alternative school. Our district partners with the Bell Whitley Community Action Agency to provide a fully blended preschool model that includes Headstart to help promote Kindergarten Readiness. We also provide a full day of Kindergarten to help meet the student's needs.
Our schools are located across the various communities within our county lines that reach from the Fourmile Community to Red Bird to Page to the Frakes community and even extends to the city of Middlesboro which is located on the Tennessee/Virginia border. Our community, parents, and students are serviced by 162 teachers, 50 instructional assistants, 31 cooks, 29 custodians, 43 bus drivers, 7 Family Resource Youth Service Centers, and 3 parent liaisons. 81% of our students qualify for free/reduced lunch program which demonstrates the low
socioeconomic status of our county. Our special education population makes up 17% of our student population and 12% are recognized as Gifted and Talented.
Our district is working diligently to produce college and career ready students.

How We Ensure Educational Equity:
Our district ensures educational equity by implementing a variety of learning experiences. "Content Enhancement" and "Thoughtful Classroom" strategies are examples of the many research based practices utilized in every content area and at every grade level. Each school has implemented a Response to Intervention Plan which targets specific instructional support for struggling students and have revamped their daily schedules in order to do this during the school day as well as after school activities. Finally, all schools use collaboration strategies and educational software to ensure each student is provided access to the general curriculum. These strategies, techniques, and software programs benefit ALL students.




Public Notice

Bell County Board of Education

Notice of Non-Discrimination


Students, their families, employees and potential employees of the Bell County Schools are hereby notified that the Bell County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital status, sex or disability in employment, vocational programs, or activities as set forth in compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations.


Any persons having inquiries concerning Bell County Schools’ compliance with Title II, Title VI, Title IX and/or Section 504 may contact:


Dr. Mitch Bailey, Director of Exceptional Children and Support Services



Bell County Schools

211 Virginia Avenue

PO Box 340

Pineville, KY  40977

(606) 337-7051





The Bell County School System offers the following career and technical education programs for all students regardless of race, color, national origin, including those with limited English proficiency, sex or disability in grade 9-12:  Business and Informational Technology, Health Sciences, Automotive Technology. Automotive Refurbishing, and Carpentry.  Persons seeking further information concerning the vocational education offerings and specific pre-requisite criteria should contact:

David Sowders, Principal

Bell County Schools

9828 HWY 25E

Pineville, KY 40977

(606) 337-3094



To obtain this information in a language other than English, call (606) 337-7051.